Staff Vouchers

Checkers Staff Vouchers. Safe, conveniet, added value. This really is the way to reward your staff.

We know the importance of recognising a job well done. Reward your staff for all their hard work and efforts, and say thank you with a Checkers shopping voucher.

> Pick and choose from a range of Checkers products.
> Can be redeemed at any Checkers store nationwide.
> Safer than cash in hand.
> Set activation dates, cancel and replace lost cards.
> Added value with special offers and price promotions.
> Great discount offers on bulk staff purchases for your company.
All vouchers are redeemable at either Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper (over 500 stores nationwide). All orders under R2,500 can be redeemed at the store directly.
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We trust you'll agree that Checkers vouchers are the logical choice. To place an order through Checkers, please complete the order form below.

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Note - The minimum paper voucher value is R20 and the minimum for Card and Digital is R50

For Digital vouchers option please note that the following option is for bulk totals more than R2500

Although this is a convenient option the vouchers need to be created digitally and administration costs are involved:

  • Voucher Quantities less than 250:
    • R1000 per month, maximum of R5000 in total
    • R1,25 per redemption per voucher
  • Voucher Quantities over 250:
    • R5000 per month, maximum of R30 000 in total
    • R1,25 per redemption per voucher

(Subject to change - For further enquiry click on Contact Us)


From R 2,501 - R 5,000 2,5% Discount
From R 5,001 - R 49,999 3% Discount
From R 50,000+ 5% Discount