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The weird and wonderful world of coffee

Next time your friends pop in for coffee, drop one of these fun facts into the conversation and amaze them with your brew and your brilliance.

Europeans first called coffee "Arabian wine" – the word coffee itself is derived from qahhwat al-bun, Arabic for "wine of the bean", and it was shortened to qahwah, which became kahveh in Turkish and eventually koffie in Dutch and caffè in Italian.

Although it's not exactly wine, you'll love this Amarula coffee. Here’s what you need for 6 cups:

6 cups strong single origin Foreign Ground coffee
6 tots Amarula
200 ml whipped cream
Chocolate shavings

Pour the coffee into 6 latte cups or Irish coffee glasses and add a tot of Amarula to each. Spoon plenty of cream on top and sprinkle with chocolate shavings. Enjoy!

Coffee was the first food to be freeze-dried, the process whereby food is dried at temperatures of -40°C. This was first done during World War II. Look out for Antigua Fairtrade freeze-dried coffee in our coffee aisle.

Dunk yourself in coffee
The Japanese consider coffee an energy drink and there’s actually a spa in the city of Hakone where you can bathe in coffee. Staffers at the Yunessun Spa Resort pour coffee on visitors – before pointing out the baths where you can swim among ramen noodles…

Viva Brazil!
Most of the world's coffee – around 40% – is produced in Brazil, which is just one of the 10 countries represented in our single origin Foreign Ground range of coffees.

Ice, ice baby
The largest iced coffee in the world – coming in at a whopping 5 678 litres – was made in 2010 in Las Vegas (it’s not known as Sin City for nothing!). You'll find great recipes for making your own, somewhat smaller, iced coffee here.

Coffee fuelled the first webcam
In 1991, scientists at Cambridge University were so fed up with finding an empty coffee pot that they set up a camera so they could see if there was something in the pot before making a fruitless trip for their fix. And voila, the webcam was born!

Coffee keeps you going
…if you're a cat. Creme Puff, who died at 38, is the oldest cat recognised by the Guinness Book of Records. Her daily breakfast consisted of bacon, eggs, broccoli – and coffee.