Lifestyle Articles

  • Senior Citizens Day

    Every Wednesday morning is Senior Citizens Day at Checkers and Checkers Hyper.

  • The 2012 Women of the Year have been announced!

    These exceptional and visionary women achievers were awarded at a dazzling event.
  • Toy 4 Toy

    Shoprite and Checkers annually present the Toy 4 Toy Campaign that urges customers to donate new or used toys to needy children.

  • Picanha vs ribeye vs rump

    Long gone are the days when chops and wors were your staple dinner options. There are two newish cuts on the block – picanha and ribeye – and a good old golden oldie, rump, to give suppertime a superb meaty sizzle!
  • Loving lamb

    If you love lamb and mutton, we have good news for you: the most popular it’s-bad-for–you beliefs about lamb are misconceptions. Here are five facts…