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Savanna Dry Cider Bottles 6 x 330ml

Savanna Dry Cider Bottles 6 x 330ml

Its unrivalled taste is amplified simply with a lemon wedge in the neck. There's lots to know, but only one thing to remember... It's made from apples for those with apples. Cheers!
Product ID: 000000000010254010

1996... The year we corrupted the apple!

We started making cider all those years ago from the juice of the tastiest apples around. But not that kind of cider that smacks of sweetness, we knew that you were looking for something unique - something crisp, refreshing, balanced and most importantly something with a bit of edge.
That's why we created Savanna Dry which is still crafted in the same way it was all the way back then.

Product Brand Savanna
Unit of Measure PK1
Main Barcode 6001108045171