Pay your staff with ease using our Bulk Money Transfer service and discover a cost-effective and timesaving solution! Payments are charged at R9.99 per recipient.

How do you pay your staff?

Many companies face logistical challenges when paying salaries to their staff. Using cash or cheques can become a time-consuming burden, and keeping cash on the premises is an unnecessary security risk. Ferrying cash from banks for disbursement poses risks associated with cash-in-transit, and hours are wasted for those who have to travel to and from stations to source their funds. Despite all these challenges, there is a solution!

Benefits of Bulk Money Transfer:

Cost-effective and timesaving
Recipients can receive their funds at any Checkers or Shoprite store nationwide
No special software required
Reduces daily workload for accounting staff
Reduces administrative costs
Payments have been proven to be safer than cheques
Recipients do not require a bank account

Companies must include the following documents:

Sample tax invoice
Proof of bank account

Individuals must include the following documents:

Copy of RSA barcoded green ID book
Proof of residence
Proof of bank account

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