What you need:

• 6 eggs
• Colours of spray paint or paint
• Potting soil
• Herbs or flowers

1. Prep a station with everything you need
2. Using a small knife, crack open the top of the shell and peel away bits of the shell until you have a small hole that’s big enough to tip out the egg.
3. Tip the raw egg out into a bowl and keep it aside to make scrambled eggs later. Rinse and set aside.
4. Spray paint or paint the empty egg carton in a colour and set to dry
5. Carefully fill the egg shells with a little potting soil and plant your herbs or flowers into the soil.
6. Place back into the egg carton and use them to decorate your table.


  • Eggshell Pot Plants - Step 1
    Eggshell Pot Plants - Step 2
    Eggshell Pot Plants - Step 3
    Eggshell Pot Plants - Step 4