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  • Kath is a paediatric dietitian who has been in private practice for the past 18 years. After qualifying as a dietitian, Kath studied further internationally and gained specialist experience in paediatric and special needs dietetics. However what qualifies Kath more than all her years of study is her 3 children who constantly challenge her theoretical paradigms and help her put her theory into practice. Kath is passionate about helping families navigate through a wealth of nutritional information that is available to them. Kath’s private national practice is not only built on assisting her little patients with their nutritional needs but also offering support to moms and dads. Kath speaks at various baby and toddler seminars around the country and runs workshops on infant and childhood nutrition. She writes frequently for leading magazines and has co- authored the book Feeding Sense and recently released her new book 'Real food, happy, healthy children: the low carb solution for the whole family.' Quivertree 2015.