Checkers - Better and Better | Help

How do I contact Checkers?

You simply dial 0800 3333 85 or send an email to

What is a Savings Code?

Your Savings Code is the 7-digit number you type into the PIN pad at the till after your items have been scanned. You can refresh your Savings Code at any time.

How do I get my EeziCoupons?

You can browse all the available EeziCoupons in your channel of choice. You have the option of redeeming all available coupons by selecting "Get All Savings". Visit any Checkers store to buy the products you have coupons for. Once your items have been scanned, tell the cashier you have EeziCoupons and enter your Savings Code into the PIN pad at the till.

How long does my Savings Code last?

Your Savings Code will remain valid for 24 hours. You can easily generate a new one if it expires, by clicking "Get All Savings".

How do I refresh my Savings Code?

Simply click "Get All Savings" to get your existing Savings Code or generate a new one.

What if I have no data connection?

You will need to have cell phone network coverage and available data in order to generate your Savings Code.

What if I have no phone reception in store?

You need signal and airtime to get your EeziCoupons Savings Code. Use the SMS we send you with your Savings Code to get available EeziCoupons when you shop.