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Steakhouse Classic

Everyone has a favourite steak cut, whether it’s seared fillet, oven-roasted picanha rump or sirloin from the braai. Our Steakhouse Classic range offers you 12 of the most delicious cuts from your nearest Checkers butchery, with expertly trained butchers in every store and all cuts are approved by the SA Chefs Association.

Every cut is perfectly matured class A meat, beautifully marbled, thick cut to our expert butchers' standards, and vacuum-packed for maximum tenderness and flavour. For steaks that will meet and exceed your greatest expectations, choose Checkers’ Steakhouse Classic range.


New York Strip steak

Taste what some of the finest restaurants in the world serve. With its dense texture and marbling it oozes deliciousness. Paired with a generous helping of beetroot fries, this steak would make the perfect entrée.

Picanha Steak

Cook on the fat side first for even greater flavour. It’s South America’s favourite beef cut, especially so in Brazil. Enjoy this cut with a herb-filled chimichurri or pesto of your choice.

Fillet Steak

Treat yourself to the most lean and tender cut available. Its buttery texture is melt-in-your-mouth and so easy to prepare too. Pair your fillet steak with bacon for extra decadence.

rump steak

Big and juicy; these might not be as tender as fillet, but have more flavour. Rump steak is known to carry the flavours of chilli- or barbecue-based rubs very well. Alternatively, your favourite marinade will do.

whole sirloin Steak

Flavourful and versatile, this cut always makes an impression at a dinner party. Roast as a whole, then slice into beautiful individual portions. This steak is perfect for a braai, so next time simply pop the entire steak on a hot griddle and enjoy.

t-bone steak

Enjoy the best of both worlds, with tender fillet and flavourful sirloin in one cut. When cooking, remember the meat next to the bone will be more rare than the rest.

Prime rib-eye steak

The marbling in this cut makes it oh-so juicy. The bone also adds extra flavour to the meat. Try it with a button mushroom sauce or a Port wine reduction.

club Steak

Tender and finely textured, it’s suitable for dry-heat cooking like grilling and broiling. Dust with flour beforehand to seal in the juices. Subtly infuse the steak with herbs to complement the steak's natural flavours.

rib-eye steak

This cut has the most marbling of all, which is why it's so tender, juicy and rich in buttery flavours. Pair your rib-eye steak with a simple raspberry or herb butter sauce.

porterhouse steak

Best described as a very big T-bone steak, you need to be generous with your seasoning on this cut. We suggest a salsa verde or a thyme-infused butter, to mention but two of the possible flavour pairings.

ladies rump Steak

With less than 3% fat and cut to a 200 g portion, it’s perfect for a lady-sized meal. Have a friend over for lunch and pair with a Warm Asian Potato and Beef Salad for a fast and fabulous meal.

New Bavette Steak

Bavette steak is a thin, flavourful fan-shaped cut that is an extension of the T-bone. It’s delicious grilled, stir-fried or pan-fried and is best served rare to medium.



Banters at your braai? This Steakhouse Classic picanha with broccoli and Asian dressing is a definite winner...


There’s little that beats a great steak – except, perhaps, the combination of a Steakhouse Classic ribeye and chips.


Impress guests with the divine flavour of a perfectly cooked Steakhouse Classic ribeye topped with a tasty pepper sauce.