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Turn your everyday favourites into culinary masterpieces with
medium-flavoured cheeses.

Medium-flavoured cheeses are moist, smooth-textured and perfect for snacking. With a subtle tangy flavour, these cheeses will turn your pizzas, lasagnas and burgers into masterpieces.



Gouda is one of the world’s most popular and versatile cheeses, celebrated for its rich, unique flavour and smooth texture. It’s amazing on sandwiches, fondues, pastas and desserts.


Gruyére is a firm cheese with a pale yellow color and a rich, creamy, slightly nutty taste. It’s a great melting cheese, making it ideal on sandwiches and in souffles!


Edam's firm texture and slightly salty and nutty flavor slices up perfectly and is great on top of crackers or cubed up with fresh fruit as a snack.


Cheese and wine may be a match made in heaven, but try pairing a magnificent malt with our famous fromage and you’ll discover why there’s so much more to choose from with cheese.