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Elevate your next meal with delicious mild-flavoured cheeses.

Mild-flavoured cheese usually mature for a short period of time and have subtle scents and flavours. These are the perfect types of cheese to start your cheese exploration with, especially because they are a melty favourite.



Featuring the characteristic holes of Swiss cheese, Emmentaler has a buttery, mildly sharp, slightly nutty taste. Because it melts so well, Emmental is frequently used in sauces and grilled sandwiches.


Brie is arguably the most renowned French cheese, earning the nicknames, “the Queen of Cheeses”. Its buttery texture makes it one of the great dessert cheeses, and it goes well with nuts, fruit and of course French Champagne.


Deliciously soft, creamy and gooey, Camembert is considered the king of soft cheeses. Eat it at room temperature, spread thickly on bread or crackers.


Cheese and wine may be a match made in heaven, but try pairing a magnificent malt with our famous fromage and you’ll discover why there’s so much more to choose from with cheese.