Are you on the hunt for an extraordinary cup of Joe? Visit selected Checkers and Checkers Hyper stores for a range of coffee that’s infused with delicious flavours … the fantastic Beanies Flavoured Coffee collection!

With varieties like Very Vanilla, Irish Cream and Cinder Toffee, you’ll be spoilt for choice – from the audacious to the aromatic, the spicy to the sublime!

And best of all, each fabulous flavour is sugar free!


  • Amaretto Almond

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    Do you consider yourself a discerning coffee connoisseur? Then try this smooth and sophisticated flavour, which is completely sugar free!

    Chocolate Orange

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    With each serving being sugar free, this incredibly dreamy chocolate orange flavour is rich in taste and also completely guilt free!

    Cinnamon Hazelnut

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    Make no mistake, this eccentric flavour is for all of the cinnamon lovers out there! Completely sugar free, this blend is a great dose of comfort during chilly winter days.

    Irish Cream

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    Enjoy the distinctive taste of Irish Cream Liqueur in your morning coffee! This flavour-infused blend is best suited for fans of a medium roast.

    Ginger Bread

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    This delicious blend is a great all-rounder! You can enjoy a little taste of happiness with just one heaped spoon and freshly boiled water.

    Double Chocolate

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    Discover this smooth, chocolatey flavour, which is sugar free, with every serving! Perfect for those looking for a hint of milk chocolate in their coffee.