Fairtrade – A cuppa with a difference

Every time you enjoy an espresso or cappuccino, you are contributing to one of the biggest global industries: coffee. It all begins with the farmers…

If you ever visit Ethiopia, one of your overriding memories will be of the coffee. It doesn’t matter where you go – from Addis Ababa to Lalibela – you will be served Ethiopian coffee. A lot of coffee, all served in an elaborate, respectful coffee ceremony that could take three hours.

Ethiopia is widely accepted as the birthplace of coffee and Ethiopians are incredibly proud of their coffee and rightfully so. It is these farmers Fairtrade wants to help. In fact, most of the world’s coffee comes from countries with similar economic challenges: Guatemala, Kenya, Tanzania, India and Colombia.

Working with 1 210 producer organisations in 74 countries Fairtrade is helping 1,5 million people better their lives – all through coffee. Whenever you buy coffee with the Fairtrade mark, you are buying coffee that has been produced sustainably and bought at a fair price to allow farmers and their families to improve their lives. As Dukale, a coffee farmer from Ethiopia, says, "I am illiterate. But my children are going to school." Dukale’s story is at the centre of Dukale's Dream, a Fairtrade documentary featuring Hugh Jackman. (Follow Checkers on Facebook and Twitter for updates on where and when it will be screened in South Africa.)

Fairtrade Coffee and Chocolate Week

Chocolate and coffee are a match made in heaven – and we are celebrating this delicious duo from 3 to 9 August with Fairtrade Coffee and Chocolate Week. So when buying coffee, look out for our coffees carrying the Fairtrade mark, Antigua Fairtrade Instant Coffee, including a decaf option, and Mugg & Bean Coffee, all of which are Fairtrade certified too. Celebrate this fantastic initiative with this delicious chocolaty Eggless Chocolate Coffee Cake or Mocha Chocolate Fudge Cake and get your chocolate and coffee fix in one.

In fact, why not make every week a Fairtrade week? You could help move Africa forward, one great-tasting cup at a time

Antigua Fairtrade Coffee
Antigua Fairtrade Coffee