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Frequently Asked Questions


Xtra Savings

How do I sign up for a Checkers Xtra Savings card?

You can sign up in-store, via our website, the Xtra Savings Support Centre, the Checkers app, USSD or our WhatsApp channel. Once done, your card will be active immediately for Xtra Savings.
  • For USSD, use the following code: *134*885*(your card number)# to sign up. 
  • For WhatsApp, connect with us on 087 240 5385 to initiate the sign up process.
  • Call our Xtra Savings Support Centre on 0800 33 33 85.
  • Download our app on Google Play or App Store and sign up in minutes.

What information do I need to complete the sign up process?

You need the following information:
  • Name and surname.
  • Your RSA ID, if you don't have an ID, you can use your Passport Number.
  • Your email address or mobile number.
  • Your Xtra Savings card number on the back of your card.

Can I get Xtra Savings without signing up for an account?

No. You’ll need an Xtra Savings card that is linked to your Checkers account.

Who can sign up for Xtra Savings membership?

The Xtra Savings programme is open to all South African citizens who are over 18 and who reside in the country.

Can I use the same mobile number to sign up more than one person?

No. Your mobile number is unique to your profile and helps us to identify you and send you personalised deals and Xtra Savings.

I tried to sign up but am told that I already have an account. What now?    

You may have an existing account that can be linked to your new Xtra Savings card. Contact our Xtra Savings Support Centre on 0800 33 33 85 and we’ll get your account activated in a flash!

I am having trouble linking my card to my Checkers profile.

We apologise for any inconvenience. Please contact the Xtra Savings Support Centre for assistance.

How do I manage my Checkers profile?

You can manage your profile using the following channels:

Sign up with card Sign up without card Block card Reset / Forgot password Change Password View deals Link card Cancel membership Opt out of communication Change Interests Change personal information Delete Profile
Whatsapp x x
Website x x x x x x x x x x x
App x x x x x x x x x x x
In store x x x x x x
Support Centre x x x x x x x x

How do I link a new card to my Xtra Savings profile?

You can link a new card to your profile via our online channels or in-store.

Web and App:
  • Click or tap “Sign In”. 
  • Enter your username and password  
  • Go to Xtra Savings Card under your account.
  • Once there, click on "Link New Card". 
  • Follow the instructions on screen to link your new card.

How do I opt out of marketing communications?

Sign in to your Checkers account via the web or app, select "Communication & Preferences" and select the appropriate channels on which you’d like to receive communications. 

What if I forgot my card at home and am out shopping?

No card? No problem! Simply sign in to the Checkers app and present your virtual Xtra Savings card to our cashiers and enjoy all the savings you normally would. Note, your physical card must be linked to your account in order to use your virtual card.

Can I reset my password in-store?

No. For security reasons, our in-store staff do not have access to your account password. You can change your password via our app or website under your account section.

What if someone else used my account without my permission?

If you suspect that your account is being used without your permission, we strongly advise changing your password immediately and contacting the Xtra Savings Support Centre.

Do Xtra Savings deals have expiration dates?  

All Xtra Savings deals have validity dates and will be clearly marked. You can see current deals in-store, on our website and via the Checkers app. Look out for the orange X that marks the spot for Xtra Savings deals.

How do I see future deals?

We’ll send you personalised deals that have been crafted by our dedicated deal hunters via SMS or email. You can also look out for new deals by regularly checking our website or app. 

Can I swipe my card at Shoprite stores for deals and savings?      

No, BUT you can score instant savings at any Checkers, Checkers Hyper or LiquorShop across the country.

How will I get my Xtra Savings deals?    

Your savings are automatically loaded onto your card. All you have to do is find the deal you want, shop, swipe and save! Make sure you opted in to at least one communication channel to stay updated on exclusive VIP offers just for you.

Are Xtra Savings items limited per customer?

No. Xtra Savings deals don’t usually come with limitations per customer, however, stock availability or demand may influence availability of items.

Can I get a refund on Xtra Savings deals?

Yes. Please make sure you have your proof of purchase and all other relevant information handy to make the refund process as speedy as possible.

Where can I see my savings once I’ve shopped?

Your till slip will reflect each Xtra Savings deal with a total savings earned for your spend. 

I didn't receive my discount on my shopping. How will this be addressed?

Firstly, we apologise for any inconvenience. Please speak to our in-store staff or contact the Xtra Savings Support Centre and we will ensure that your savings are reflected.

Store Locator

How do I set my preferred store?

It’s easy. The website will prompt you to set your preferred store upon your first visit. Alternatively, you can set it by selecting the Default Store button at the top-right section of the website.

Why do I need to set a preferred store?

Setting your preferred store gives you updates on Xtra Savings deals, Bonus Buys, competitions and products for your convenience. You can also get information about your nearest store, check product availability and much more.

What information can I see about a store I select?

Apart from Xtra Savings deals, products and specials at your favourite store, you can see a bunch of useful information like operating hours, store location, contact details, store manager details and the availability of LiquorShops or MediRite pharmacies.

How regularly do you update information about store products and specials?

We’re constantly updating our website and respective store catalogues with 1000’s of products, promotions and specials. Make sure you check back on our growing catalogue of quality products and unbeatable deals.

Is the pricing on my preferred store accurate?

Yes. This is one of the biggest benefits to setting your preferred store. Since prices may vary between different outlets, knowing exactly what you’ll pay for a particular item helps you to buy smarter and save more.

What if I am at a different store from my preferred one?

Simply set your store when you’re on the go by using the store locator. All Xtra Savings deals, products and promotional information displayed will relate to the store you selected.

What if a product I want isn’t available at my preferred store?

For your convenience, you’ll see a notification informing you that your selected product isn’t available at your preferred store. We will present you with a list of stores near you that do stock your item of choice.

How do I find my nearest MediRite or LiquorShop?

When you use the store locator to select your preferred store, you’ll also be able to see if it has a MediRite or LiquorShop outlet available.

The Checkers Website

Where can I see Xtra Savings deals?

Our website is constantly updated with the latest Xtra Savings deals. Simply look out for products that are marked with an orange X for amazing savings right at the till.

What is World of Checkers?

The World of Checkers is packed with value for our customers. Use this dedicated section of the Checkers website for the latest news and updates about our company, our community initiatives, products and services and also enter one of our many competitions while you’re there.

Can I use Click & Collect on the new website?

The Click and Collect service is still very much alive. You can visit the dedicated site for your click and collect requirements at

Can I search and apply for jobs on the Checkers website?

All available vacancies at the group can be viewed on the Shoprite Holdings website at: We look forward to receiving your application.

Is the Checkers website mobile and tablet friendly?

Absolutely! We understand that technology changes at the speed of now and have made significant investments to ensure our customers have a great experience when they interact with our online channels.

Do you have any recipes on your website?

We take pride in our range of world class food products and complement them with some of the most delicious, modern and classic recipes on the web. Make sure you check back for the latest creations from our gourmands at

How do I find products on the site?

Finding the product(s) you’re looking for is easy. Simply use the search bar at the top of the page and enter the name of the product or category. You can also browse for products by category or relevant department.

How do I find the latest products in your online catalogue?

We have a dedicated section for new arrivals on our shelves. Go to the “What’s New” tab on the website to see the latest additions to our growing range of products.

How can I see more information about the products I am browsing?

We’ve included a bunch of useful information about each of our products to help you shop smarter. For example, you can view ingredients, descriptions, availability and recommendations for similar products when browsing products.

Your Personal Information

Why am I getting a notification about cookies being stored on my computer?

All websites use cookies for the best possible online experience. Cookies allow websites to deploy new features to your browser and save your settings for a seamless experience.

Is using the Checkers website safe?

Absolutely. All our digital touchpoints are built on the latest technologies that include advanced data encryption and security measures that safeguard all parties’ information when they interact with our online channels.

Where can I read the terms and conditions for your website?

We have dedicated pages that cover important information about using our website and digital channels. Please visit our Terms and Conditions, Cookie and Privacy Policy pages to familiarise yourself with your rights.

How is Checkers going to use the information I submit to its online channels?

We value your privacy and acknowledge people’s concerns about the misuse of their personal information. Please read the Xtra Savings terms and conditions for full details on how we comply with legislation around data governance.

Can I have my information removed from Checkers’ records permanently?

Yes. Please contact the Xtra Savings Support Centre and we will give you a form to complete. Once completed, we will anonymise your records. 

Money Market

What is the Checkers Money Market about?

The Checkers Money Market allows you to transfer and receive money from friends and family. The Money Market is a convenient service that’s designed to reduce waiting times and expensive transfer fees.

How do I send money using Checkers Money Market?

Visit your nearest Checkers or Shoprite store and present your original green book or card ID to our teller with the amount you wish to transfer. Select a 4-digit PIN number for your Money Market transfer number and complete your transfer.

How do I collect money that was sent to me?

Visit your nearest participating outlet (see below) with your green book or card ID to collect any amount of up to R5000 per day. Note, you can collect a total of R25000 per month from our Money Market counters. Provide the teller with the Money Market transfer and PIN number you received from the sender and collect your money.

Where can I collect or send money from?

You can send or collect money from any Shoprite, Checkers, Usave store or Money Market counters at OK Furniture and House & Home stores.

What is the maximum amount I can transfer?

You can send any amount between R1.00 to R5000 per day and a maximum of R25000 per month.

Other Checkers Cards

I want to buy bulk gift cards. How do I do that?

Not only can you buy bulk gift cards, but you also save when you do! Please contact us on for more information on buying bulk gift cards.

Where can I use my Checkers gift card?

For your convenience, you can use your Checkers gift card at any Checkers, Shoprite or Usave and selected OK Furniture stores in South Africa.

I lost my gift card. What now?

If you accidentally lose your card, we can cancel and replace it on presentation of your proof of purchase, your full gift card number and a completed affidavit.

What is the Shoprite EduCard?

The Shoprite EduCard programme helps educational institutions save when they purchase certain goods. Beyond saving on running expenses, institutions get control and visibility of payments to speed up reconciliation of recurring purchases.

What do I need to sign up for an EduCard?

Please provide us with a copy of the authorised person’s ID (green book or ID card), proof of school address (utility bill no older than 3 months) and a proof of the school’s bank account (statement, cancelled cheque or a letter in the name of the school).

How do I complete the application for an EduCard?

Your can apply online by clicking here or download our PDF application form here and complete it. Once completed, please email your application form to

I am an existing Shoprite EduCard member. Where can I view my statements?

You can view your online statement by clicking here.

What goods do I qualify for with a Shoprite Educard?

You can enjoy savings on items like back-to-school stationery, selected staff grocery items, party platters, cleaning products, school and sport function items.

What savings can I enjoy with an EduCard?

You can enjoy interest free purchases with no admin fees. You also get 30 days to pay and a 2.5% discount on all purchases.

What is the Shoprite Business Card?

The Shoprite Business card allows businesses to take advantage of our 30-day account that comes at 0% interest and even more savings! If you’re looking to take control of your business spend, then talk to us about the many benefits on offer to our business customers.

How do I sign up for a Business Card?

You can apply online or download the PDF application form here and email the completed form to

What supporting documents do I need to apply for a Business Card?    

Send us a copy of the ID (green book or ID card) of the authorised person who completed the application along with a proof of business address (a utility bill that’s no more than 3 months old) and proof of business bank account (a bank statement, cancelled cheque or a bank letter in the name of the business)

Business Opportunities

Does the group offer any business opportunities for local companies?

Shoprite has been active for some years in establishing and maintaining a support ecosystem for small businesses and entrepreneurs amongst its suppliers, whose success is essential for economic growth and job creation.

What business opportunities are available through the group?

We’re giving entrepreneurs and SMMEs access to economic opportunities by providing hundreds of suppliers with access to market. A large percentage of our fresh produce suppliers are small- to medium-sized businesses, with more than half of them delivering on contracts worth less than R500 000 a year.

Where can I learn more about business opportunities with the group?

You can read more about the business opportunities we offer local companies by clicking here.


What in-store services does Checkers offer?

We have loads of in-store services for a convenient shopping experience. You can pay your utility bills, perform money transfers, purchase lotto tickets, load airtime and buy prepaid airtime vouchers. You can also buy gift cards for friends and family or colleagues.

Can I buy tickets from Computicket in-store or online?

Not only can you secure tickets for that next event, but you can also book your next flight, hotel accommodation, car rental or bus ticket via our on and offline channels.

So I can buy tickets online and collect at any store?

Tickets for all events can be collected at any Computicket, Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper stores by the credit card holder, on presentation of the credit card used to make the booking plus positive proof of identification (ID document or passport).

Where can I learn more about the group’s community initiatives?

You can learn more about our work with communities across the country by clicking here.

I have a specific question/suggestion/complaint. Who can I speak to?

We welcome any feedback from our customers. Please visit our contact us page here to lodge a complaint, query or just to give us your thoughts on how we can make your shopping experience even better.