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What are the conditions of the 10% in-store discount benefit? 

The 10% discount can only be redeemed at a Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Checkers Little Me, Checkers Outdoor, Checkers Pool, and Liqourshop stores once per month. The discount benefit cannot be redeemed at Checkers Money Market, Uniq or Petshop Science. You must activate. this benefit on the Sixty60 app to use it in-store. 
Upon activation, the benefit will be loaded to your profile for use on your next in-store basket. This discount is limited to a maximum of R200 on your next shop. Should you spend more than R2000, you will only receive the maximum discount of R200. If you spend less than R2000, you will receive a 10% saving on your basket. 
Please note that the 10% in-store discount cannot be used in conjunction with selected marketing promotions like Black Friday or Xtra Xtra weekends. We reserve the right to change the conditions of Xtra Savings Plus benefits. Please ensure you review our T&Cs on a regular basis.

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