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Liquid Detergents you can Trust. 

From stain removal to anti-aging care to fragrance and mildness, OMO, Skip and Sunlight products now embody the same premium, modern look combined with trusted formulations to meet any laundry need.


OMOSUPERIOR AND EFFORTLESS stain-busting cleaning power, OMO liquid laundry detergent has become a household staple.    

Tough stain removal in a quick wash


SKIPSPECIAL FABRIC CARE making your clothes look new for longer. Skip Liquid Detergent with Fibre ProtectTM technology penetrates deep into the fabric, so it cleans in a better and new way, smoothing and aligning fibres so stains and dirt wash away more easily, giving clothes better clean, better shape and better colour.    

Helps fight the 5 signs of clothes ageing


SUNLIGHTSENSORIAL EXPERIENCES - Your liquid detergent to leave your clothes fresh with a sensorial fragrance.

Sensation Clean and Sensational Fragrance