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Get paid without cash directly to your cellphone


Small businesses usually can’t afford to accept anything other than cash due to high fees.  The Money Market Account allows your customers to pay you directly to your cellphone in a way that makes financial sense to your small business.


Money Market Account for your small business

A convenient and safe way to pay and get paid. Only you can access your Money Market Account 24/7.
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Receive instant money transfers safely into your Money Market Account in the form of savings stamps that work like money.

Save, send and spend your Stamps 

Customers can pay you directly into your Money Market Account in real time. Once you have received a payment, you can use your Stamps to top up your stock in store, pay other vendors, or send them to anyone with a SA cellphone number.
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Customers pay you with savings stamps through your Shoprite Money Market Account using your unique QR code.

More Ways To Get Paid 

Your QR code is also your registered cellphone number. Customers can pay you directly to your cellphone using USSD, the NEW Shoprite app or by scanning your unique QR code.
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Once you’ve accepted payments you can use your Stamps to shop online, in-store at these participating retailers and wherever you see the Money Market Account logo.


The Money Market Account is so much more.


Our services include a personal Money Market Account for your daily transactions as well as a safe, efficient and fast way for corporates and NGOs to distribute payments, rewards and incentives in bulk.

For more information, you can:

•    Visit your nearest Money Market counter. 
•    Contact the Money Market Account Helpline on 0860 01 07 09
•    Email us at

Need help? Get answers here:

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