Home Made
"Ice Cream"
  • Description:

    This is a great way to introduce different tastes and fruit into your child’s diet. There are no added sugars and it’s a great way to get healthy antioxidants into tiny people!

  • Ingredients:

    2 large mangoes; chopped and pre-frozen

    400ml double cream Greek yoghurt

    Milk (if needed)

  • Method:

    (Serves 4)

    1. Add the yoghurt together with the frozen chunks of mango and blend.
    2. If you feel the mixture is too thick, add a dash of milk to make the mixture softer.
    3. Serve into bowls and enjoy! Eat immediately.
    4. Be creative with mixing different frozen fruits and be sure to freeze your fruits before they go off.

    Content supplied by: Anthea de Villiers, Registered Dietitian (SA)