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Ginger & Chilli Pork Belly

210 Minutes
4 Servings
13 Ingredients


Try this Asian version of the traditional pork belly recipe complemented by ginger and chilli, and exclusive to Checkers.


1. Preheat the oven to 150 °C.

2. Score the fat side of the pork belly diagonally with a sharp knife and place it in a roasting dish.

3. In a separate bowl, mix the soy sauce, brown sugar, coriander, lemon juice, chillies and star anise.

4. Grate the lemon grass and fresh ginger into the mixture and stir well.

5. Pour the mixture over the pork belly and rub it into the score marks.

6. Cover with foil and place the dish in the oven.

7. Allow to braise slowly for 3 hrs, then uncover and grill while basting with the pan juices until crispy.

8. While the belly cools slightly, arrange the salad by combining the rocket, mint and cucumber.

9. Dress lightly with sesame oil and arrange slices of pork belly on top.



- Baby ginger’s thin, translucent skin means you don’t have to peel it. Just wipe away any scales or soil with a wet paper towel. Slice, grate, mince or pickle as preferred. You can even eat it raw.

- Keep it covered in clingwrap, in a container or vacuum-packed to prevent a thicker skin from growing.



One of the healthiest spices in the world, ginger contains vitamin C and gingerol with powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-boosting effects. It can help you: • Fight the flu • Treat nausea • Aid digestion


How To Store It:

1–2 weeks:  Store at room temperature.

2–3 weeks:  Refrigerate it.

Up to 1 year:  Freeze it immediately after every use.

Nutritional Information

The recommended serving of pork belly per person is between 85 – 100 g.


• 1 kg trimmed pork belly

• 4 cm knob fresh ginger; peeled

• 2 medium chillies; finely chopped

• 1 stalk lemongrass; washed

• 1 star anise pod

• 50 ml soy sauce

• 50 ml brown sugar

• Handful fresh coriander; washed and chopped

• 1 lemon; juiced

• Fresh rocket; to serve

• Fresh mint; to serve

• Sliced cucumber; to serve

• Sesame oil; to dress (optional)