Mothers who move, shake, swirl and sip

THE WINE ESTATE OWNER: Kathy Jordan, Jordan Wine Estate
“My passion for SA wines is driven by their complexity of flavour, ripeness of fruit and freshness. I recommend the Jordan Chameleon Red Blend for an easy-drinking, yet complex red wine. Winemaking is demanding with long, irregular hours and requires complete commitment. Working with your spouse in a family business can become all consuming, but the positive side is we were always close to home and to our two children. So if they ever needed help, we were metres away and could assist.”

THE WINEMAKER: Elzette du Preez, De Grendel Wines
With 10 harvests at De Grendel and two little girls to her credit, Elzette’s views on wine and life have mellowed with experience. “Wine is unpretentious. The more I work with it, the more I realise the people I like to make wine for are the moms around a picnic table with kids running around, or the mom sipping bubbly in the bath while her husband struggles to feed the kids “healthy” food. I love De Grendel Rosé for easy sipping. It is lower in alcohol and completely dry with loads of fruit-driven flavours. Having a family has also changed my priorities, as I now understand a huge portion of my consumers a whole lot better!”

THE BUBBLY MAKER: Elunda Basson, J.C. Le Roux
This maker of stunning Méthode Cap Classique wines and mother of two says winemaking and babies have much in common. “Making wine has become very similar to having babies. With every new vintage I receive ‘children’ that need to be raised and turned into beautiful grown-ups. We work with what our environment gives us, producing wines that are classic in style but proudly South African in expression of terroir. With no hesitation my favourite sipper is J.C. Le Roux La Vallée”.

THE WINEMAKER: Alicia Rechner, Backsberg Wine Estate
“I love the way a glass of wine gets my head quiet. Being a mother of two boys can be very noisy and busy, so my evening glass of Backsberg Sauvignon Blanc is my meditation medicine. Having a family sometimes makes you feel like half a person. Half a mother, half a winemaker, half a spouse. Initially this bothered me, since my career used to be everything to me. But as you grow into being a mother and partner, you realise what is important. My children are teaching me every day how to have fun and relax.”

THE EDUCATOR: Cathy Marston, writer, taster, internationally awarded WSET educator
This witty mother of one entertains and educates in equal measures. “My father was a vicar and I used to steal nips of communion wine from his office from time to time – I’m sure that’s what gave me the taste for this job!  Wine’s a great thing to share and enjoy with friends and family. Drinking on your own is never as much fun as sharing a glass or two with special people. For everyday drinking, I’m really enjoying Zonnebloem Blanc de Blanc – a blend of Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc – crisp, fresh, easy-drinking.”

THE MARKETER: Nicolette Waterford, Waterford Communications
Of Italian descent, Nicolette’s passion for family and la dolce vita is lavished on her two kids, wine and… shoes! “I cannot imagine any other industry that would be more fun and rewarding to work in. You can taste the passion in South African wines. Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc and Graham Beck Brut are always on my shopping list. When my son started school, he had to tell the class what his parents did for a living. He proudly told the teacher that his mother drinks wine in front of her computer every day and she gets paid for it. Yes, I got a phone call from the school!”

From left to right, top to bottom: Elunda Basson, Kathy Jordan, Cathy Marston, Alicia Rechner, Nicolette Waterford, Elzette du Preez