We bring the Paarl wine route to your door

Paarl, the land of diamonds and pearls. Named such, as the town is situated beneath a large granite outcrop, formed by three rounded domes estimated to be over 50 million years old! The most prominent of the three is called Paarlberg (Pearl Rock) as its smooth surface glistens in the early morning light. Paarl is the third oldest town in South Africa and its unique wine route mirrors the diversity of South Africa not only through its people or type of wineries but also through the diverse terroir found around the iconic Paarl Mountain. To the south, southeast and east, the area is bordered by the ranges of the Groot Drakenstein, Franschhoek and Klein Drakenstein mountains. In the west the valley broadens into a plain which allows cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean, some 60kms away, to penetrate and influence Paarl’s climate which is typically Mediterranean in character - good winter rainfall and comparatively long, hot summers. The Berg River flows through the length of the valley, supplying a ready source for irrigation. 

Catering for the easy-going wine lover to the serious wine connoisseur, Paarl offers the unique experience of sampling products across a full spectrum of wine making. Wines ranging from fruit-forward whites to full-bodied reds, nutty Sherries, glowing ports, unforgettable sparkling wines (MCC), well matured brandies and renowned Kosher wines. Paarl offers a good mix of corporate cellars and family operated estates where the atmosphere is free from commercialisation, making visitors feel at ease and affording them the opportunity to enjoy some old-world charm.

Other gems in the agricultural mix of the area are olives, cheese, cut flowers, garden plants and a microbrewery. Not only can you indulge your taste buds but you can also get in touch with nature and the arts. Climb the rock, visit the Taal language monument, picnic in the game reserve, attend a concert in the outdoor amphitheatre or pop into Butterfly World or the neighbouring Snake Park. You can even ride through or glide over the vineyards by horse or hot air balloon.

At Checkers we bring the Paarl wine route right to your door. Try some of our wines from the following award winning estates:
Backsberg, KWV, Landskroon, Nederburg, Plaisir de Merle, Glen Carlou, Kleine Draken, Laborie and Goats do Roam.