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What payment methods are accepted?

In-store Payment Methods

We offer various in-store payment methods to make shopping as convenient as possible. The following in-store payment methods are accepted:

  • Cash

  • Shoprite Group Savings Stamps

  • Shoprite Group Gift Cards

  • Money Market Account

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • RCS Group including Edgars Card

  • AMEX

  • Diners

  • eBucks Card (at retail tills)

  • Eduloan Card

  • Fundi Card

  • Mukuru Card

  • SASSA Card

  • BuyAid Cards: Bsmart, Iemas, Koopkrag, Pretorium Trust, SambaDigital

  • Wallets: Assupol, Celbux, Intellimali, IntelliCard, Masterpass, Mukuru, NSFAS, TUYU, Wicode, Wiwallet

Online Payment Methods

We're continually adding new and convenient online payment methods. We currently accept the following payment methods at our online stores: 

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) 

  • Selected Shoprite Debtors Cards

Don't forget to use or link your Xtra Savings card for exclusive deals and savings. T&C's apply.

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