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Rose's Watermelon Flavoured Cordial 750ml

Rose's Watermelon Flavoured Cordial 750ml

Elevate your drink with this cordial that features a concentrated watermelon flavour, perfect for adding a burst of zest to any drink. Its versatility allows for use in cocktails, non-alcoholic mixes, sodas, lemonades, and even homemade popsicles. With its vibrant taste and colour, this cordial is a delightful addition to any beverage creation.
Product ID: 000000000010774245

Infused with the zesty and bold taste of watermelon, this cordial offers a vibrant burst of flavour to any beverage. A versatile concentrate, it's designed to enhance a variety of drinks, from simple glasses of water to intricate cocktails.

Adding a splash of this bold taste elevates the flavour profile and introduces a lively colour that makes each drink visually appealing. Whether used in crafting homemade sodas, enlivening iced teas, or as a base for creative cocktail concoctions, this watermelon-flavoured cordial is a delightful way to bring a touch of sweetness and a hint of summer to your refreshments.

Product Brand Rose's
Product Width (mm) 79
Product Height (mm) 278
Product Length (mm) 79
Product Weight 1249
Product Volume 750ml
What's in the box

750ml Rose's Watermelon Flavoured Cordial

Unit of Measure EA
Main Barcode 6009695158427
Ingredients Water, Sugar, Malic Acid (E296), Stabilisers (E440, E446), Couding Agents (E414 and/or E1450), Flavouring, Non-Nutritive Sweeteners [Sodium Cyclamate (E952), Sucralose (E955) & Sodium Saccharin (E954)], Preservatives [Sodium Benzoate (E211) & Sodium Metabisulphie (E223)], Antifoaming Agent (E900), Colourant (E122)
Dietary Requirement Halaal;
Serving Size 100ml
Benefits & Features
  • Zesty and bold
  • Versatile concentrate that makes delicious drinks
  • Adds flavour and colour to cocktails
  • Easy to mix
  • Long shelf life
Size 750ml
Colour Detail Pink
Style Cordial
Sugar Free false
Lactose Free true