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Enjoy All The Best Wines at Supermarket Prices


You don't have to travel far to enjoy the best local and international wines at prices you can love. Simply stop by your nearest Checkers Wine Route and discover local legends, international favourites, old classics and new delights. This is also where you’ll find our limited-edition Odd Bins, exclusive to Checkers and loved nationwide! With such an accomplished selection to choose from, why shop anywhere else?

Premium Wine Selection

Introducing our Premium Wine Selection

We have wines for almost every taste and budget. However, we’re particularly proud to bring you our premium selection from both local and international estates. These extra-special, sommelier approved wines will elevate any occasion and turn you into the toast of the town. Visit our Wine Route for these perfectly balanced, premium blends and vintages.
Premium Wine Selection

Sip on Local and International Award Winning Wines

Sip on Local & International Award-Winning Wines

We don’t just stock wines that offer incredible value, we also offer local and international award-winning wines that have been recognised as worthy of the highest accolades. Find them first on our shelves.

We've done all the hard work for you, so that you can spend more time sipping on the very best wines at supermarket prices. From awarded reds and rosés to white and sparkling wines, you’ll find a wide range of winners at a Checkers near you.
Odd Bins

Discover the secret of Odd Bins – famous wine brands at a fraction of the price. Exclusive to Checkers South Africa.

The Secret of the Odd Bins

Odd Bins is South Africa’s best-kept secret, with limited quantities of vintage releases from famous wine brands. Each wine is carefully selected by a panel of experts, then relabelled with a unique bin number and sold at a fraction of the price. Exclusive to Checkers!
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Sparkling Wine and Champagne

Celebrate with Sparkling Wines, Champagne & Prosecco

Nothing gets the festivities or celebrations going quite like a bottle of bubbly and we stock the widest range in town. It’s all just a matter of choosing the perfect one for your occasion. Are you looking for a local legend? Then certainly browse our sparkling wine selection in-store.

Would you like to impress with an authentic bottle of Champagne from the namesake’s region of France? We have a selection of varieties available and at prices you can get excited about. Do you prefer sparkling Prosecco from Italy instead? Great, we have the widest range in SA!

White Wine

Enjoy Delightfully Crisp White Wines

Clean and crisp white wines certainly don’t take much introduction. They’re full of fresh flavours and light notes. You won’t come across any overpowering aromas or heavy textures in this selection. This is why they’re considered the delightful yet delicate section of the wine rack.

Checkers Wine Route stocks all of your favourite crisp white varieties. From everyone’s favourite dry, the renowned Sauvignon Blanc, as well as the wooded to unwooded Chardonnays, to the fresh, fruity Chenin Blancs, we’ve got all the popular choices and limited vintages alike.


Think Pink with Wonderful Rosé Wines

Combining some of the flavours of red wine, with the crisp fruitiness of a white, our selection of rosé wines offer you the best of both worlds. After all, with its refreshing taste, fruity aromas and beautiful colour, rosé wine simply oozes sunshine and togetherness!

Stock up on all of your favourite rosé wine varieties. From international estates to local legends, you can even opt for rosé with bubbles in our sparkling wine, champagne and Prosecco selections. Choose from fruit to savoury and even sweet or rich, we have a rosé for every taste.

Red Wine

Savour the Textured Richness of Red Wines

Choosing the absolute best red wine is completely subjective. This is because each person’s tastes are unique to them and their preferred flavour profiles. This is why we stock a wide range of red wine varietals to accommodate all preferences and occasions.

Looking for the king of grapes, the renowned Cabernet Sauvignon variety? How about the bold, fruity Shiraz? Maybe proudly South Africa Pinotage? We stock them all and more. Purchase your favourite estate’s bottles, for sipping or cooking, and all at supermarket prices.