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The World's Finest Coffee And Tea


There’s no better way to start the day than with your favourite brew or blend. Whether you’re an avid coffee fan or prefer the wonderful aromas of tea, we’ve got the perfect cuppa waiting for you. Stock up on all of your favourites and maybe even try some new and exciting options!

Foreign Ground Single Origin Coffee Beans and Grounds

Foreign Ground Single Origin Coffee

Our Foreign Ground Single Origin Coffee beans are picked from single plantations in the world's best coffee producing countries and then artisanally roasted. Explore the world of coffee with these carefully selected options from all over the globe.

Brazil's best boasts notes of hazelnut and sweet fruit, Guatemalan greats offer roasted almond and honey notes, Colombian classics are sweet and buttery with a citrus finish and our Ethiopian coffee has a fruity flavour with notes of jasmine, bergamot and blueberry.
Foreign Ground Coffee Beans, Grounds and Capsules

Taste the World’s Finest Brews

We proudly boast the best beans, your favourite grounds, the widest range of capsules and a variety of quick cups so that every coffee moment is exceptional.

Make this your destination to enjoy everything from Italian dark roast coffee beans, fairtrade, organic ground coffee, delicious coffee capsules and convenient instant coffee to suit every moment and craving. 
Cooper & Flyn Tea Co. tea range

Time for Tea 

Looking for the perfect pick-me-up? Try our selection of immune-boosting teas from Cooper & Flyn to help you stay healthy this winter. Every cup can be extraordinary with our exclusive Cooper & Flyn squad of classic hand-picked blends, exotic infusions and the comforting aromas of our Rooibos, the 'superfood tea' and exquisite White Tea.

Did you know? Rooibos tea is the first African product to receive international protection from the European Commission. This stamp of approval protects the Rooibos trademark, and international consumers can identify and enjoy authentic Rooibos tea. 
Coffee tools and accessories

For the Expert At-home Barista

Not only will you find the world’s finest brews at Checkers, but you’ll also find the best coffee tools and accessories at supermarket prices. 

Be the best at-home barista with our fantastic range of coffee cups, espresso makers, coffee plungers, milk frothers and coffee machines from trusted brands, including the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Machine. 

Decadent Coffee And Tea Recipes

Vegan Rooibos and Hoodia Almond frosted tea cake

Vegan Rooibos And Hoodia Almond Frosted Tea Cake 

The Vegan Rooibos & Hoodia Almond Frosted Tea Cake drizzled in Rooibos syrup and dairy-free frosting

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Coffee Tiramisu

The Foreign Ground Tiramisu 

The Foreign Ground Tiramisu made with Foreign Ground Single Origin Guatemala Coffee Grounds

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Caramel Cold Brew

The Ultimate Caramel Cold Brew 

The Ultimate Caramel Cold Brew made with Starbucks Americano Capsules and Simple Truth Almond or Oat Milk

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Antigua Dalgona Coffee cream puffs

Antigua Dalgona Coffee Cream Puffs

Antigua Dalgona Coffee Cream Puff made with Antigua Continental Instant Coffee

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