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The world's top brews and blends
There’s no better way to start the day than with your favourite brew or blend. Whether you’re an avid coffee fan or prefer the wonderful aromas of tea, we’ve got the perfect cuppa waiting for you. Stock up on all of your favourites and maybe even try some new and exciting options!
Foreign Ground Single Origin Coffee
Invite the smell of adventure and an invigorating taste of the exotic into your morning coffee routine with our extraordinary selection of Foreign Ground beans and blends. Exclusive to Checkers, this range of coffees will bring you the ultimate satisfaction, from the first sip to the final drop.

Our Foreign Ground Single Origin Coffee beans are picked from single plantations in the world's best coffee producing countries and then artisanally roasted.

Explore the world of coffee with these carefully selected options from all over the globe. Which country is your favourite?
Foreign Ground Signature Blends
Visit a Checkers near you to also discover the selection of Foreign Ground Signature Blends that are taking South Africa by storm. From Columbia's top coffee crops to Ethiopia's finest, we've assembled the world's best in our masterfully created Signature Blends. They’re perfect for every moment of the day. Rise and shine with the Romeo Dark Roast, then take a midday timeout with the Bravo Medium-Dark Roast, and then kick back for the evening while sipping on the Sierra Medium Roast.

These signature blends are perfect from sun-up to sundown.
Cooper & Flyn Tea Co.
Every cup can be extraordinary with our exclusive Cooper & Flyn squad of classic hand-picked blends, exotic infusions and the comforting aromas of our Rooibos Tea and exquisite White Tea.

From fruity, sweet and smooth to light and delicate, you’ll find all of the notes you need from your tea and more in this exquisite range.
Edible Chocolate Rim Espresso Cups
Try this decadent and oh-so-easy recipe to create your own edible espresso cups. The cookie cups are easy to bake, the melted chocolate is a great touch!
Delicious Banana & Coffee Ice Cream
You’ll go bananas for this delicious, easy and affordable dessert. Go on, satisfy your coffee craving while relishing the classic combination of banana and ice cream.
Amarula Affogato with Caramel Crunch
Why not enjoy the flavours of a drink AND a dessert in one decadent, delicious cocktail? It’s easy with this absolutely delicious affogato recipe.
Mouthwatering Rooibos Koeksisters
Two South African favourites unite, and the result is unbelievably delicious! Keep a stash of these in your freezer for an instant sugar treat.