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HTH Plunge Pool Shock It 2 x 150g

HTH Plunge Pool Shock It 2 x 150g

This non-stabilised chlorine shock treatment is specially formulated to kill bacteria and algae in plunge pools and small pools of up to 15 000 litres. It leaves your pool clean, bright and inviting.
Product ID: 000000000010283573

When your plunge pool is looking a little glum, it's time to brighten it up with some shock treatment.

This non-stabilised chlorine shock treatment is specially formulated for pools of up to 15,000 litres. It kills bacteria and algae and leaves your pool sparkling bright and clear. So, stop hesitating, take the plunge.

Product Brand HTH
Product Width (mm) 164
Product Height (mm) 154
Product Length (mm) 21
Product Weight 303
Product Gross Weight (g) 16
Product Depth (mm) 24
What's in the box 2 x 150g HTH Plunge Pool Shock It
Unit of Measure EA
Main Barcode 6001385001303
Total Contents 2
Ingredients Calcium Hypochlorite
Usage Instructions

Based on a 15 000L plunge pool only for use in plunge pools. Use only as directed. We recommend shock treatment for algae, coloured water, low chlorine residual, at the start of the season and after refilling the pool. 1. Check and correct the pH level.

2. In the evening, add 1 pouch (150g) of this product around the sides of the pool.

3. Run the filter for 24 hours.

4. Check and re-correct the pH after the first 12 hours.

5. Do not enter the pool until the chlorine residual is <3ppm.

6. Continue with normal chlorination.


Handle with care

Bleaching agent

Will corrode metal fixtures

The use of metal based products is not recommended as staining may occur

Product should be poured directly into the swimming pool

Do not add to a dispensing device

Do not dose while swimmers are in the pool

Always disperse chemicals downwind

Do not store once openedOpen in a well ventilated area

Contact with heat, acids, combustible or other organic materials (paint products, household cleaners, soap products, oils, petrol, other pool chemicals, refuse etc.) may cause fire or the release of toxic gasesIn case of fire, crench with water

On skin: rinse with cold water for 15 minutes, if irritation persists, seek medical attentionIf inhaled: remove person to fresh air, seek medical attention

In eyes: flush with cold water for 15 minutes, seek medical attention

If swallowed: do not induce vomiting, Drink large quantities of water, Seek medical attention immediatelyMay intensify fire, oxidiser

Harmful if swallowed

Causes severe skin burns and eye damage

May cause respiratory irritation

Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects

Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources

No smoking

Keep/store away from clothing/combustible materials

Do not breathe dust or fumes

Wash thoroughly after handling

Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product

Use only outdoors or in a well ventilated area

Wash contaminated clothing before reuseKeep container tightly closed

Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional regulations

Do not mix with other products or dissolve before use

Benefits & Features
  • Fast-acting shock treatment
  • Contains non-stabilised chlorine
  • High strength formula
  • Suitable for pools of up to 15,000 litres
  • Rapidly restores pool water to a clean and clear state
  • Eliminates harmful bacteria and algae
  • Maintains water hygiene for safe swimming
  • Convenient for smaller pool sizes
  • Ensures a refreshing and enjoyable pool experience
Size 150g
Colour Detail Assorted
Style Pool Shock It
Colour Multicolour