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HTH Xtreme Flocc Water Clarifier 1L

HTH Xtreme Flocc Water Clarifier 1L

Achieve crystal-clear water in your pool with the Xtreme flocculant water clarifier. The flocculant is a reliable solution that effectively drops suspended particles to the pool floor, allowing for easy removal.
Product ID: 000000000010298280

Make manual vacuuming more efficient and give your pool water exceptional clarity with the Xtreme flocculant water clarifier.

Effectively dropping suspended particles onto the pool floor, this clarifier is perfect for those who prefer a hands-on approach to maintaining their pool's cleanliness.

With this water clarifier, say goodbye to cloudy water and hello to a sparkling pool.

Product Brand HTH
Product Width (mm) 86
Product Height (mm) 218
Product Length (mm) 86
Product Weight 1263
Product Gross Weight (g) 1263
Product Volume 1L
Product Depth (mm) 86
What's in the box

1L HTH Xtreme Flocc Water Clarifier

Unit of Measure EA
Main Barcode 6001385001433
Total Contents 1
Benefits & Features Adds sparkle Clears severely cloudy water Drops suspended particles to pool floor
Ingredients Aluminium Hyddroxychloride
Usage Instructions Recommended for use in sand filters only. Never use more than 1 bottle of this product at a time, rather use and repeat the treatment after thoroughly backwashing and rinsing the filter. 1. Ensure that your pump, filter and automatic pool cleaner are in good working order and that the multiport valve is not leaking. 2. Top up your pool water level. 3 Check and correct the pH level. 4 Ensure the pump is on circulate/re-circulate or bypass, add 1 bottle of this product around the sides of the pool. 5. Run the pump for 4 hours continuously. 6. Switch the pump off at the main switch for 24 hours to allow the sediment to settle to the bottom of the pool. 7. Ensure the pump is set on the waste position, restart the pump and manually vacuum the pool slowly until all the visible sediment is removed from the floor of the pool. 8. Once your pool is clear, backwash and rinse the filter thoroughly. 9. Continue with normal filtration and chlorination routine.

This product does not control bacteria

For effective sanitising, use in conjunction with HTH Granular+ Mineralsolft

Handle with care

Never mix with other chemicals

Wear eye protection/ face protection

Harmful if swallowed

Avoid contact with eyes or skin

Do not dose while swimmers are in the pool

Do not smoke

Do not eat drink or smoke when handling this product

Wash hands with soap and water immediately after useIn case of poisoning: call a doctor and make this label available to him/her

Do not re-use or refill this container

First aid on skin: rinse with cold water for 15 minutes

If irritation persists, seek medical attention

If inhaled: remove person to fresh air

Seek medical attentionIn eyes: flush with cold water for 15 minutes

If swallowed: do not induce vomiting

Drink large quantities of water

Seek medical attention immediately

In the case of contamination, do not reseal container

Immediately remove to an open and well ventilated outside area by itself

Flood with large amounts of water

In case of fire extinguish with dry sand

May be corrosive to metals

Causes serious eye damage

If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand

Keep out of reach of children

Read carefully and follow all instructions

Do not mix with other products or dissolve before use

Benefits & Features
  • Adds sparkle
  • Clears severely cloudy water
  • Drops suspended particles to pool floor
Size 1L
Colour Detail Assorted
Style Water Clarifier
Colour Multicolour