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Loch Lomond is nestled on the boundary between the Low and Highlands of Scotland and is considered the heart of the country’s whisky industry. The Loch Lomond Distillers have a heritage that spans over 200 years, with the founding of the Littlemill distillery in 1772. Today, some of the finest malt expressions and quality whisky blends come from the Loch Lomond Group, each an excellent example of its region, history and style. Now you can savour the spirit of Scotland’s finest whiskies, exclusively available from
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  • High Commissioner Blended

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    Easy to enjoy straight, over ice or mixed, this popular award-winning blend is characterised by sweet fruit and caramel flavours that are well balanced for a smooth, warming finish.

    Glen Scotia 15-Year-Old Single Malt

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    Treat your senses to the intense and complex nose and palate of this exceptional single malt. While it smells sweet, plump and fruity, the palate is slightly dry with a firm finish.

    Loch Lomond Original Single Malt

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    Few drinks can beat the harmonious flavour and aroma of a single malt carefully matured in Loch Lomond’s finest oak casks. Much like this sweet Scotch with hints of smoke and peat.

    Loch Lomond Signature Deluxe Blended

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    Slowly matured and conditioned in recharred sherry and American oak casks, the bottle promises a richly aromatic nose and firm, smooth palate.

    Loch Lomond Reserve

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    Please your palate with something special – Loch Lomond’s unique premium blend of malt and grain whisky. Sweet and sharp at first taste, the finish is satisfyingly smooth and gentle.

    Loch Lomond Single Grain

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    Juicy, fruity, zesty and sweet, this unusually complex and smooth single grain offers tasters a delicious nose, delicate flavour and gentle finish they’re sure to enjoy.

    Glen Scotia Victoriana Single Malt

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    Bottled straight from casks hand-picked by a master blender, this traditional Victoriana delivers an initially sweet and fruity palate with an austere and mildly smoky finish.

    Glen Scotia Double Cask Single Malt

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    For an impeccable balance of spicy fruits with Glen Scotia’s famous hints of sea spray, try this rich, classic malt. It delivers a smooth and deliciously sweet first sip, complemented by a powerful and deep finish.