What you need:

• 6 hardboiled eggs (in their shells)
• Different options of food colouring
• 1 empty egg carton
• 1 pair of scissors
• Some colours of paint
• Paintbrush
• 1/4 cup icing sugar
• A small piping bag
• Colourful feathers

1. Prep a station with everything you need
2. Place a teaspoon of food colouring into a small bowl and add a cup of water. Soak your hardboiled eggs in the coloured water for at least 30 min, then remove and allow to dry.
3. Take the empty egg carton and carefully cut out the individual cases.
4. Paint the cases whatever colour you choose, and leave to dry completely.
5. Fold over the longest piece of the egg carton, creating the ‘beak’, then fold over the two small pieces creating ‘wings’.
6. Place the icing sugar into a small bowl and mix in about a teaspoon or two of water, until a stiff paste is formed.
7. Place icing into piping bag and pipe on the eyes. Use a little icing to stick the feathers on behind the egg, creating the tail feathers.


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