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  • What is Black Friday?
    Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Black Friday deals are highly anticipated by the public in the lead up to pre-Christmas shopping. In recent years Black Friday specials have dominated the online landscape, but many shoppers still choose and enjoy to shop in-store for the ultimate shopping experience. The day begins with hundreds of people queuing outside stores and the sales experience can sometimes be competitive with shoppers eagerly rushing to get their hands on sale items.

    Why is it called Black Friday?
    The term Black Friday is used by retailers to refer to the day of the year when retail companies go into “the black” which means to make a profit.

    When does Black Friday take place?
    Black Friday usually occurs on the last Friday in November, this year Black Friday is on 24 November 2017.

    How does Checkers’ Black Friday differ?

    In 2014, Checkers brought South Africa the world’s biggest sales promotion in over 200 Checkers stores nationwide with never-before-seen, record-breaking prices. Checkers continues to bring its customers the lowest supermarket prices and the most competitive Black Friday deals.

  • Tips on Preparing for Black Friday

  • Comfort is key

    If you want to beat the crowd in-store to the Black Friday specials, then comfort is key. Wear your old favourite and most comfortable pair of shoes on the day

    bring a friend

    Having a shopping partner can make all the difference when searching for the best Black Friday deals in-store and especially when queueing to pay.

    Rise & Shine

    On Black Friday, ensure that you’re up early to get to your nearest Checkers or Checkers Hyper store before it opens.

    Get savvy

    Familiarise yourself with your chosen Checkers or Checkers Hyper store ahead of Black Friday. Knowing the store’s layout and the quickest route to get to your chosen aisle will save you time and ensure that you shop smartly on the day.

    Plan your purchases

    Even though you won’t know the exact Checkers Black Friday deals until they are released on the day, you can prepare your spending by prioritising what you need i.e. household appliances.