Gone are the days when the only kind of iced coffee was a grown-up kind of milkshake. Now there are several options available to enjoy your coffee chilled that is every bit as trendy and sophisticated as a warm brew.

You may have seen frappés cropping up on menus. While it may sound exotic, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to make at home. Here’s how:

You need 60ml evaporated milk (for that faux milkshake effect), about 200 ml filter coffee that has been left to cool and sugar to taste (optional). Whizz all the ingredients in a blender.
Pour into a tall glass (short just won’t do) and enjoy. Whether you add ice is up to you.

Tip: If you don’t want your iced coffee to taste watered down, freeze coffee in an ice tray and use two or three coffee cubes instead of coffee and normal ice cubes.

At the other end of the sweet spectrum is this sinfully irresistible iced mocha. Here’s what you do:

Pour ¼ cup strong espresso into a tall glass over three or four ice cubes.
Add chocolate powder or syrup to taste, ¼ cup milk (2% if you want to soothe your conscience) and stir vigorously until the chocolate has dissolved.
Spoon cream on top and sprinkle with more chocolate powder. Sip through a straw. Bliss!

And here’s how to make an iced mocha dessert.
Freeze a litre of NEW Foreign Ground Signature Blend coffee in ice trays. You can choose any one of the 3 new blends; like the Romeo blend which is dark and rich, the full-bodied flavour of the Bravo blend or the perfectly balanced, sweet, zesty and fruity notes present in the Sierra blend.

In a blender, process the ice cubes with 250ml low-fat milk, 30ml vanilla extract, 30ml sugar or 2 sachets of stevia and 10ml cocoa powder.
Spoon into four cups and sprinkle with crushed nuts.

Iced coffee, the good old-fashioned way
For those days when you just don’t have the time – or when it’s 30 degrees outside and you simply don’t have the energy – Checkers stocks Landessa Ice Coffee which is an amazing ready-to-drink coffee option made with 100% arabica beans in many variants, like cappuccino and espresso.

Tip: Pour any of the Landessa ice coffees over ice in a tall glass for an instantly refreshing coffee.
If you are feeling retro, treat yourself to the throwback taste of this utterly decadent iced coffee. You’ll find the recipe here.