Celebrate with Odd Bins this National Wine Day

You don’t need an excuse to enjoy a glass of wine, but every once in a while a date rolls around that calls for a special celebration...such as National Wine Day on 25 May.

Checkers sources limited quantities of popular vintage releases from leading South African wine estates every year. The wines are carefully selected by a panel of experts and given a unique bin number. They are then bottled under the Odd Bins label and sold exclusively in Checkers stores at a fraction of the estate price.

Although the original label will always remain a closely guarded secret, consumers can be assured of great quality and the best value in every bottle bearing the Odd Bins label.

Once a bin is sold out, the number is never repeated. As a result there is constantly something new to try in the Odd Bins range which consists of single grape whites and reds, a few red blends and a delicious MCC for special occasions.

Taste the following wines and the secret of the odd bins may just be revealed.

Odd Bins 106 – Chenin Blanc

Passion fruit and melon bouquet with a crisp, refreshing palate

Double Gold: 2017 Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Origin: Paarl

Odd Bins 80 – Rosé

Notes of strawberries and fresh cherries with a fruity and fresh finish

Origin: Western Cape

Odd Bins 943 – Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot

An intense blackberry, plum and raspberry nose with firm tannins and gentle oak on the palate

Origin: Paarl