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5 Quick Tips on How to Grow Your Plants in Pots


Tip 1: Choose Potting Mix Smartly
Don’t use soil from your garden because it could have weeds’ seeds in it.

Tip 2: Hydration Is Key
Did you know the soil in pots dry out quickly? Before you fill your pots with soil, put a plastic bag in the pot to keep water in the soil around the roots of your seedlings. But remember to put a few holes in the plastic bag first to allow for drainage.

Tip 3: Yes to Bigger Pots
Choose bigger pots for your seedlings, as the soil in smaller pots will dry out quicker.

Tip 4: DIY Watering Can
Use a watering can to water your seedlings. This way you won’t disturb the soil in the pot or overwater the plant.

Tip 5: Fertiliser Is the Hero
Add a good fertiliser to your potting soil so that your Little Garden seedling gets enough nutrients. Remember to fertilise every week or two with a liquid fertiliser.

5 Quick Tips on How to Grow Your Plants in Pots