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How To Get Your Little Garden Started


Grow Your Own Little Garden by Following These Easy Steps:

Step 1: Grab a Saucer
Put the soil pod on a saucer and pour 40ml of water over it.

Step 2: Mix the Water & Soil
Put on gloves and mix the water into the soil with your hands to make a wet mixture. Watch the soil expand! 

Step 3: Now for the Seed Tape 
Plant the seed tape vertically in the pot and cover with soil up to the coloured strip.

How to Keep Your Little Garden Healthy:

Step 1: Avoid Direct Sunlight 
Place the pot on a clean saucer in a place with enough light, but not directly in the sun.

Step 2: Check Your Soil
Check the soil in the morning and before bed. If the soil feels dry and crumbly, 
pour a small amount of clean water over the surface.

Step 3: Yay for Sprouting!
If you see a little plant appear from the soil, well done! The seeds have sprouted and 
will soon be ready to move into a bigger pot or garden.

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