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What is a Bee Hotel?


Bee Hotels Make Great Homes for Solitary Bees

Did you know that there is a difference between honey bees and solitary bees? Honey bees live in large hives where they cultivate honey and protect their queen bee.

Solitary bees however, live on their own in little burrows they make in the ground or in certain trees and natural elements. Solitary bees do not have honey to protect so they are less aggressive than honeybees and are therefore safe around children and pets. These special little insects are excellent pollinators and ensure that plant communities stay healthy and productive.

Do You Have a Bee Hotel?

Solitary bees need dry, hollow tubes to lay their young. A bee hotel is the perfect solution. The best bee hotels mimic the natural habitat of solitary bees and have tiny holes that the bees can use to lay their eggs.

Once they lay their eggs in these holes, they cover them up with mud, leaves or fine hairs. Each bee ensures that there is enough food for each larvae to eat until it develops into an adult bee and emerges from the nest.

Bee hotels make great homes for solitary bees and help them to breed safely.

What Is A Bee Hotel