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Welcome to Checkers Cheese World
With over 400 cheeses to choose from, you might feel a little spoilt for choice, but honestly, every meal you make can be extraordinary with just the right one! After all, turning every dish or snack into a masterpiece can usually come down to deciding whether you need a mild, medium, strong or brave flavour from your cheese. From the widest range of Swiss Cheese in South Africa to stocking the world’s very best Cheddar, we're sure to have exactly what you need! Here are some tips to help you find your favourites in our extraordinary range.
Mild To Brave, We’ve Got The Range
Mild Cheese
These are the melty, gooey, subtle cheeses that are usually firm family favourites. Also, a good starting point for those who are new to exploring cheesy flavour profiles.
Medium Cheese
These still subtle, but slightly tangier, cheeses are the superstars that turn your pizzas, burgers and lasagnas into masterpieces. They’re also great for lunchbox snacking!
Strong Cheese
These stronger-flavoured cheeses have a strong, tangy kick and come in all kinds of flavour profiles. This can include anything from spicy to smokey and everything in between.
Brave Cheese
These are our more adventurous and extraordinary cheeses. Featuring bold flavours and even unique infusions like green pesto and mustard, these are a must for any connoisseur.
Creating Your Next Cheeseboard
Why not go on a taste adventure the next time you decide to create a cheeseboard or platter? After all, this is one of the quickest and most stylish ways to serve up snacks and delights at your next gathering. Not to mention that a generous cheese plate for one is also one of the best solo treats.

With our selection of over 400 cheeses from South Africa and around the world, you’ll definitely be able to pull off more than just one type of spread too. Let’s explore the variety of options you have at your fingertips. From lunch platters to dessert boards, you’ll be indulging in the best spreads in no time!
Zola Nene’s Cheeseboard Tips
Need some pro tips on how to elevate your next cheeseboard? Great! Here’s what our celebrity chef, Zola Nene, has to say about which types of cheeses and charcuterie pair best.
Tangy Blue Cheese Citrus Salad
The secret to a tasty salad comes down to balancing flavours and textures. This particular blue-cheese recipe gives you all the taste elements in one - salty, sour, bitter, sweet!
Decadent Brie & Asparagus Tarts
Enjoy this extraordinarily simple-to-prepare yet sophisticated tart, which combines the fresh flavour of asparagus with the creamy decadence of Brie cheese. Every bite is simply sublime!
Cheesy Soup with German sausages
Looking for a hearty soup that truly is the ultimate winter warmer soul food? This recipe serves up all your favourite things: beer, sausages and tasty Emmentaler cheese.
Cheese-stuffed Vetkoeke with Peppadew Jam
Throwing a party? Want a quick and easy platter staple that is absolutely always a crowd-pleaser? These double-cheese stuffed vetkoek with sweet peppadew jam are always a hit!