With over 400 cheeses to choose from, every meal you make can be extraordinary! Below you'll meet our cheese ambassadors;
Miss Mild, Mr Medium, Sir Strong and Brother Brave and they’ll share their unique qualities with you
so you can make every dish a masterpiece.

Looking for the perfect cheese to suit every palate? My mild flavour complements an array of dishes and I’m often the melty favourite in the crowd.

Whether you’re planning a quick meal or a family lunch, you can’t go wrong with a cheese like me. I’m firm, aged four to eight months to allow my flavour to develop and I’ll turn your pizza into a masterpiece.

If you’re ready for a little more adventure, choose my strong, older and bolder flavour! I’ll take your meals to the next level with a savoury, smokey and tangy twist.

Not just your everyday blue, dare to try something new and treat your palate to an explosion of flavours for the brave. Explore uncommon tastes and unique infusions now.


Cheese and wine may be a match made in heaven, but try pairing a magnificent malt with our famous fromage and you’ll discover why there’s so much more to choose from with cheese.


Cheese makes everything better, especially when you have over 400 cheeses to choose from. Grab some of our mild, medium, strong or cheese for the brave in-store and let's get cooking!

Emborg Havarti Burger with Avo & Paprika Mayo
Cheese Straws

The distinctive flavour of Emborg Havarti cheese is what takes this burger to extraordinary levels. The combination of the avo and paprika mayo will make burger night even more impressive.

Clawson Blue Stilton, Nectarine & Blueberry Salad
with Creamy Cheese Sauce

Say no to bland with this Clawson Blue Stilton, nectarine and blueberry salad. A decadent dish is what you’ll enjoy when you combine the rich Blue Stilton with the sweet and tart flavours of the fruits.

Wyke Afterburn Cheese Tacos

Give a Mexican classic a cheesy twist with this easy Wyke Afterburn Cheese Taco recipe. With only 10 minutes needed to prepare, you’ll soon find your new favourite go-to dish when entertaining at home.


Go on a taste adventure to create
the perfect cheeseboard!
With over 400 cheeses to choose from,
we show you where to begin.


Cheese Tools 101

Find out more about which tools are best used with which cheese and
become a connoisseur in no time!

A Guide To Cheese & Condiments

We’ve compiled a nifty guide to the best fruits, nuts, jams, honey, veggies
and even bread to complement your cheeseboard!