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Learn how to grow your garden in just a few quick and easy steps

How to Get Your Little Garden Started

We'll show you how to grow your own Little Garden in just a few quick and easy steps.

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Learn why bees are the most important food pollinators

Why are Bees

They’re tiny, but they are the world’s most important pollinators of food crops!

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Learn what pollination means

What is

Pollination is how
insects help plants
to make seeds.

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Bee hotels make great habitats for solitary bees

Bee Hotels Make Great Homes for Solitary Bees

Did you know that there is a difference between honey bees and solitary bees?

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Five tips for growing your plants in pots

5 Quick Tips on How to Grow Your Plants in Pots

It all starts with a good potting mix
and not using soil
from your garden!

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Follow these watering tips to care for your Little Garden

Watering Tips for Your Little Garden

Water your Little Garden seedling in the morning to avoid soaking it at night.

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This is how to attract good bugs like lady bugs to your garden

Welcome the Good Bugs to Your Little Garden

Here’s how to attract good bugs like ladybirds, parasitic wasps, bees, spiders and hoverflies.

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Learn how to find out what type of soil is in your garden

3 Ways to Find out What Kind of Soil is in Your Garden

Here’s two ways to examine your soil, including a science experiment for extra fun!

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